In 31 October 1517 Martin Luther held his 95 theses at the entrance of this church in which he expressed his refusal against indulgences. The grave of this significant reformer is located inside that church.

Martin Luther House

After the breakout of the reformation, in 1524 Kurfürst Friedrich der Weise dedicated the orphans monastery to Martin Luther and his family where they lived till his death.

Stadtkirche St. Marien

The mother church of the reformation where Martin Luther preached


In 1505 the Kührfürst Friedrich der Weise assigned the sächsischer Hof to the famous artist Lucas Cranach. He lived there almost 50 years and created his paintings which can be seen in the world’s biggest museums. Lucas Cranachs house and workshops can be visited there.



The university of Wittenberg „Alma Mater Leucorea” was founded in 1502. The most important scholars have studied and taught here such as Luther and Melanchthon.

Impressions of the city